Teaching prefixes and suffixes? Want a game that your students will LOVE playing?
The Prefix/Suffix Matching BAM! game is a memory game with a twist to practice the meanings of common prefixes and suffixes: un, re, pre, -able, -ful, and -less. Matching BAM is played the same as the traditional memory match game, but with a twist! When a student finds a BAM card, their turn is over, and they keep the BAM card. The game is great to have on hand as an extension activity for early finishers, a remediation activity led by a volunteer or paraprofessional, or as a review prior to standardized testing. Check out the preview here!

This file includes 4 versions of the game to meet the needs of your classroom: 6 cards per page in color; 12 cards per page in color; 6 cards per page in black/white; 12 cards per page in black/white.

**This game is included in the Prefix and Suffix Game Collection - CCSS Grades 2-4** CCSS: L.2.4.b, L.3.4.b, L.4.4What is included?
♦ Cover/Teacher Tips/CCSS correlations, p. 1-2
♦ Student-friendly Directions, p. 3
♦ 6 cards/page, color, p. 4-14
♦ 12 cards/page, color, p. 15--20
♦ Student-friendly Directions, b/w, p. 21
♦ 6 cards/page, black/white, p. 22-32
♦ 12 cards/page, black/white, p. 33-38
♦ Prefix/Suffix Poster, p. 39-40
♦ Credits/Terms of Use, p. 41x


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  • Literacy
  • Word Family Game