Want to boost the vocabulary of an entire class in a few minutes a day with little prep work? Use the Mystery Word of the Week clues to spark daily discussions of words. This classroom-tested and teacher-friendly word work routine helps build robust vocabularies, which helps boost test scores, too!

I created this activity to make words engaging, interesting, and still attainable for all members of the classroom. I originally used this strategy during morning meetings, but it can really be used at any point of the day. I've used it for an interactive bulletin board, posted the Mystery Word of the Week as a challenge, projected the daily clue for bell-ringer work, and included this in Work on Words during Daily 5. The differentiation is endless.

1 free week to try in your classroom!! Perfect at the beginning of the school year or anytime as a quick and easy way to improve vocabulary.

If you worry about repeating yourself with the same words next year, my bundle has enough to last two years. Mystery Word of the Week Bundle {Every Mystery Word}. http://bit.ly/mysterywordsEach Vocabulary Word of the Week has daily clue posters and the "answer" poster for Fridays. Daily clues include synonyms, antonyms, using the word in a sentence, and describing the number of letters/beginning letter. Create an interactive bulletin board, post the Mystery Word of the Week as a challenge, incorporate the clue in your morning meeting, or include this in your Work on Words during Daily 5.

This purchase is for single-location use, (use in 1 classroom, media center, or hallway display!). This product can not be posted publicly, including online. Please see the preview for the full Terms of Use. If your colleagues are interested in using these files in their classroom, please purchase additional licenses or email Jen at hellomrssykes@gmail.com for special permissions.

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