The 24 Idioms Task Card packet will save you time as you differentiate instruction. Students use the context embedded in the surrounding sentence and select the answer multiple-choice style. The idioms set is flexible to meet the needs of diverse learners, and can be an extension activity for early finishers, in small groups during a guided reading mini-lesson, projected for whole group practice, a remediation activity led by a paraprofessional or volunteer, as a review prior to standardized testing, or to play Scoot. The hero-themed "Scoot" sheet can be used to assess knowledge of Idioms quickly. The Idioms practice sheet can be used as a pre or post assessment. Answer keys provided.

Download the preview for 2 free task cards. The superhero graphics from JW Illustrations are engaging, and the materials are classroom-tested. Please contact me with any questions!

**This is included in my Reading Strategy Task Card Mega Bundle**


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