Students need to practice using Context Clues, and this collection of 36 Context Clues Task Cards / SCOOT Game and Quick Assessment will save you time as you differentiate instruction. Students use the context embedded in the surrounding sentence and select the best answer multiple-choice style. This printer-friendly set is flexible to meet the needs of diverse learners, and can be an extension activity for early finishers, in small groups during a guided reading mini-lesson, projected for whole group practice, to play Scoot as a whole group, as an engaging activity after lunch, or however meets the needs of your classroom. Check out the preview here!

★ This set is included in my Context Clues Bundle.
★ This set is also included in my ELA Task Cards and Scoot Games and Assessments Bundle.

Want to play Scoot to engage your entire class? Instructions are included, and you can use the "Scoot" sheet to assess knowledge of Context Clues quickly. The Context Clues Practice Sheet included can be used as a pre or post assessment. All answer keys provided. All pages can be printed in color or black and white.

What is Included:

• Scoot Instructions, CCSS Correlation for grades 2-5
• 36 Context Clues Task Cards (in color & b/w)
• Scoot sheet
• 1 page Quick Assessment – Perfect for Pre or Post testing
• Answer Keys for Task Cards and Quick Assessment


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  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • ELA Task Cards
  • Literacy
  • Reading Strategy Task Cards