Do your students struggle with Context Clues? Use this boom learning game for mini-lessons, whole group lessons, an interactive literacy center, or as a springboard for whole class discussions. With this interactive set of cards, your students cheer as it provides immediate feedback when you click on your answer choice. It's chock full of engaging tier-two style words, as it contains the multiple choice questions from my bestselling Context Clues Task Cards set 1. Check out the preview here!

This resource is included in my context clues task cards set one, so download the revised file from your purchases, and you will find boom instructions also.

Students need to practice using Context Clues, and this interactive game of 40 Context Clues multiple choice questions will provide immediate feedback for small groups, individuals, or whole groups. 40 questions are included, so you can try doing 4 per day for two weeks as an engaging mini-lesson that allows everyone to share what they already know about the included topics. Students use the context embedded in the surrounding sentence and select the best answer multiple-choice style, and can be used as an extension activity for early finishers, in small groups during a guided reading mini-lesson, projected for whole group practice, as an engaging game after lunch, or however meets the needs of your classroom, whether you are a 1:1, or have one working computer with internet access.

★ This set uses all of the Context Clues questions and multiple choice options from my Context Clues Scoot 1 ~ 36 Task Cards for Grades 2-4 Tier 2 Vocabulary Builder.

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