Need to "Anchor" their learning in ELA? This set will save you time, and is cute to boot! Each standard is explained in a basic way, with graphics to support visual learners. I suggest using this as a “starting point” for your anchor charts.

Students can glue the small anchor chart in their ELA notebook, and add their notes based on your class discussions, too. You can also attach the small anchor chart to assessments, or staple the corner to create a “flip-book” reference tool for students and parents.

Standards included:

RL.3.1 – Referring to Text (Literature)
RL.3.2 – Author’s Message
RL.3.3 – Recount Story & Describe Characters
RL.3.4 – Literal vs. Nonliteral Language
RL.3.5 – Chapter, Scene, Stanza
RL.3.6 – Point of View
RL.3.7 – Mood
RL.3.8 – {Not Applicable to Literature}
RL.3.9 – Compare and Contrast
RI.3.1 – Referring to Text (Informational)
RI.3.2 – Main Idea & Key Details
RI.3.3 – Relationship between series of historical events, scientific ideas/concepts, steps in technical procedures
RI.3.4 – Academic/Domain Specific Words/Phrases
RI.3.5 – Text Features and Search Tools
RI.3.6 – Distinguish Point of View (Author vs. Reader)
RI.3.7 – Information from Illustrations and Words in Text
RI.3.8 – Connection between Sentences and Paragraphs in Text
RI.3.9 – Compare and Contrast Important Points and Key Details

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  • 3rd
  • Common Core
  • Literacy
  • Posters