Involve your upper elementary students and their parents with fun and simple projects they can use at home at your next Open House, Curriculum Evening, or Literacy Night! A Make-and-Take night gives them an immediate tool they can use at home to support essential literacy skills. Perfect for a diverse class in upper elementary, as it can be tailored to suit your school. In this packet, I walk you through the planning of a literacy event at your school, whether you are inviting just your class, or several grade levels. I included “blurbs” about the event to use in your newsletter, class website, etc. It can be difficult to plan what materials are needed, so I’ve included a list for each station. The editable PowerPoint includes editable versions of planning sheets and invitations so you can customize this to meet the needs of your school community.

To keep this product affordable, the purchase of this product includes a grade level license. For additional grade levels and/or schools, please purchase additional licenses at a discount from this page.

Each of the 4 Make and Take activities in the PDF file include a teacher instruction page, a parent friendly instruction page, and the engaging printables you will need for each activity. Additionally, the editable PowerPoint includes 2 editable pages per activity. Please note: the text is editable, but the graphics are not. This allows me to respect the copyrights of the clipart artists included in this set.

Due to popular request, I’ve included 40+ printables at the end of the PDF file to use for reminders, documentation, and even a reward for students who attend. The PowerPoint includes these printables, so you can edit the text to reflect the particulars for your school. A Literacy Night can be a great opportunity for community collaboration, too! Remember to take tons of pictures/video for your professional portfolio. Check out the preview here!

This product is a single-school grade-level license for you to use with your colleagues in promoting family literacy fun! For additional schools/grade levels, please purchase multiple licenses. 

What is Included: (74p.)

Table of Contents, p. 2

Let’s Get Started! p. 3

Planning Sheets p. 4-7

Invitations and Communications p. 8-10

Cootie Catcher Comprehension p. 11-16

Mixed Up Letters Decoding p. 17-26

Read it Like… Fluency p. 27-31

Use the Word Vocabulary p. 32-38

Helpful Printables (Signs, posters, reminder bracelets, homework pass, etc.) p. 39-73

Credits/Terms of Use p. 74

Included in the 30 page PowerPoint file {so you can EDIT TEXT}:

Introduction, Fonts used, and Trouble-shooting, p. 1-2

Table of Contents, p. 3

Planning Sheets p. 4-5

Invitations and Communications p. 6-7

Cootie Catcher Comprehension p. 8-9

Mixed Up Letters Decoding p. 10-11

Read it Like… Fluency p. 12-13

Use the Word Vocabulary p. 14-16

Helpful Printables (Signs, posters, reminder bracelets, homework pass, etc.) p. 17-30


  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • Cootie Catchers
  • Literacy
  • Literacy Night