Do your science goals include Forces and Motion? Use this set to incorporate Fluency and Comprehension (through repeated readings) in your Science instruction. Each one-page article consistently requires students to reread three times (to self or with a partner, if needed) for increased fluency and annotate the text to answer the first two questions. The third question is always open ended, requiring students to use evidence from the text to support their answer. Each article comes with its own graphic organizer, which can be used during the 3 fluency readings (add a bit each time), as a small group activity to facilitate discussion of the text, or as an independent activity. Check out the preview here!

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All of the "Practicing Fluency and Comprehension" sets are appropriate for grades 4-6. Each article is written by Jen Sykes, from Hello Mrs Sykes.

What is Included:

Pages 1-3: Intro, A Note From Jen (Teaching Tips for Close Reading), Lexile ranges for each passage
Pages 4-5: "Around and Around," (centripetal force) Graphic Organizer
Pages 6-7: "Pirate Ships and Playground Swings," (pendulum) Graphic Organizer
Pages 8-9: "The Free Fall," (potential and kinetic energy) Graphic Organizer
Page 10: Credits/Terms of UseLooking for more Science topics to build Fluency and Comprehension? Earth Sun Moon Rocks and Minerals Forces and Motion Plants


  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • Fluency and Comprehension
  • Literacy
  • Science