Boost Vocabulary with little prep work! Use the Mystery Word of the Week clues to spark discussion of words in a few minutes per day. Each of the 90 Mystery Word of the Week has 4 daily clue posters and the "answer" poster for Fridays. Daily clues include synonyms, antonyms, using the word in a sentence, and describing the number of letters/beginning letter.

Create an interactive bulletin board, post the Mystery Word of the Week as a challenge, project the daily clue for bell-ringer work, incorporate the clue in your morning meeting, or include this in your Work on Words during Daily 5. The differentiation is endless.

This Bundle includes 18 Mystery Word of the Week sets, with 5 Mystery Word of the Weeks each. Bought separately, these sets cost $45.00, but this bundle has a 20% discount, with 3 bundle-exclusive sets! Not sure yet? Check out the preview for 2 free weeks to try before you buy. 

This purchase is for single-location use, (use in 1 classroom, media center, or hallway display!). This product can not be posted publicly, including online. Please see the preview for the full Terms of Use. If your colleagues are interested in using these files in their classroom, why not buy additional licenses for your grade level? For special permissions, including redistribution online, email Jen at

What is Included:

⇛ Table of Contents and Definitions

⇛ Note From Jen/Teacher Directions

⇛ Student Directions

⇛ Optional printables for interactive workbook

⇛ Clue Pages

⇛ Credits/Terms of UseThis download contains a .zip file. In the .zip file, you will have a *huge* pdf of 90 words, a suggested order for the words, and the flexibility of using the words that are right for your class! Additionally, you'll have an additional folder containing the Mystery Words broken up into sets of 5. This is to make it easier if you choose to display instead of print. Enjoy!


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